Stop the Balfour Parkway group issues response to NCDOT presentation

Press release from Stop the Balfour organization: Hendersonville, NC, – The Henderson County Commissioners meeting on April 18 included a workshop with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on the Balfour Parkway project. The purpose of the workshop was to allow the Commissioners to question NCDOT about the Project. As an introduction, Lyuba Zuyeva, a representative of French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Office (FBRMPO) stated that the Balfour Parkway Project is in anticipation of 52,000 residents expected to move to this area in the coming years. Kristina Miller of NCDOT subcontractor RK&K led the NCDOT presentation of the Project status. She said that the Grimesdale neighborhood is being reviewed… Read More

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