Hendersonville is a city in North Carolina sitting in the mountains along Interstate 26. Situated between the Greenville-Spartanburg area and Asheville, this city is something of a bedroom community that’s largely residential in nature. However, not everyone that calls Hendersonville home lives there year round.

The city appeals to many as a place for retirement because it is usually gorgeous and mild in temperature and climate. From spring flowers through magical mountain summers to the orgy of fall color this region enjoys, quite a few older citizens love calling this place home for half the year before wintering in Florida or even lower Georgia.

As such, they keep up with Hendersonville NC news as much as they can while away. That’s a lot easier than it used to be with the Internet around, as they can keep up with websites that track local news, particularly the few television stations of the area. Hendersonville also has a newspaper or two with online content they can keep up with.

The television and radio stations of the area can be followed online, as their broadcasts can be transmitted digitally. Weather in particular is a focus of those coming back in RVs or mobile homes who want to know when the last snow is over. That’s why they go south in the first place, to get away from the cold.

Social media groups, emails, and chat rooms let them connect with any friends or family that are still in the area, and sometimes even look after their businesses from afar. Tourism is the primary industry of Western North Carolina, but it peaks sharply in the summer, so many retirees still work seasonally to keep some income going and to stay active and enjoy their life.

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